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UHD 8k in 2020 - Trek before 2018?

It is 2013 and we have new TV series currently shot and mastered in Ultra HD 4k.

from 2 articles this week:
Here is Japan making test programming in UHD 8k Super Hi-Vision (SHV).

The TV of the Future is Already in Japan and It Feels Like Real Life
Its name is The Chorus, a choral drama filmed with a still camera that looks into a Wes Andersonian building cutout.
so incredibly realistic that it feels like you’re looking through a window into real life
8k technology in Japan:
full implantation expected by 2020

Introducing 8K: The Final Frontier?
8K (Super Hi-Vision) should truly come into its own in sports coverage. In a sport such as football (soccer), for example, it is possible to view the whole pitch at once and follow the motion of the ball and every player clearly.
While a sci-fi drama doesn't need this type of super realism it does lead to say in 10-15 years when this tech fully hits mainstream will a scifi drama like Star Trek be shot edited and accepted differently? I think the editing pace would be MUCH slower for a larger screen and higher resolution. You can let a wide scene play longer. The whole idea of more resolution (8k) means people would have wall-sized screens at home and not 32" televisions.

Now we can enjoy a show like TNG or VOY on a 13" color tv in standard definition.
TNG's remastered treatment to 1080p HD allows for more details and sharp image adding to that realistic feel. Would 8k futureproof the next Star Trek?

I think the next series to be shot will be mastered in 4k and shot and edited traditionally like VOY and ENT but with digital 4k cameras. Even if a series started shooting in 2017 I am unsure if the tech will be ready to shoot in 8k to futureproof Trek for the next 50 years.
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