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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

I have to say, I so desperately want TNG in high def.

But regarding the aspect ratio (mentioned in an older thread here), does anyone know what aspect ratio it was filmed in? It would seem strange for them to film it in a wider ratio than standard (1.33:1), when they knew it was only going to end up on TV. I mean, 33mm film is 1.37:1 aspect ratio (ie pretty much the standard shape). The only way to make it wider is to use an anamorphic lens, or to matte out the top and bottom of the picture. But why would they do that for TV?

Oddly though, when you look at these caps (originally posted by StewMC), it does look as though there was extra unused footage at the side:

From TNG "Menage a Trois":

From ENT "These are the Voyages":

I don't know exactly how this shot fits into the episode, but it doesn't look as though the additional footage could have been 'drawn'. It really does look like one big wide shot. (Unless the camera panned left afterwards in the original episode.)

Can anyone clear this up? Was TNG shot using an anamorphic lens or a hard matte?

Matt said:Even the purists do have to admit that the Enterprise-D by Gabriel Köerner as it appears in Star Trek Enterprise's finale looks marvelous in comparison to the studio model, just because of the way the lights and shadows hit it, and the camera angles you can easily achieve with CG.
I agree. Here are some caps:

Looks amazing. TNG in HD would be amazing!

As well as new special effects, and the film remastered to high def, I would also love (and I'm dreaming, now) if they scrapped the synthesised music from seasons 1 and 2, and just replaced it with selected orchestral music from the latter seasons. I think it would make the episodes seem so much better.
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