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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Who said the entire class was experimental? I think you may be confusing "NX", which is the class name that Earth starships Enterprise and Columbia belonged to, and "NX", which is the registry prefix given to class prototypes by the Federation Starfleet.
NX was the prefix for the Excelsior (NX-2000) in ST:III, before it changed to NCC-2000 by ST:VI.
It was also the prefix for the defiant, NX-74205. Not that it matters as much in trek, but NX stands for Naval Experiment, and NCC stands for Naval Contruction Contract.
I had no problem with "NX" as the Enterprise was the first Warp 5 vessel. I think they screwed the pooch when Columbia was designated "NX-02". I think by then they should have redesignated them and made a "class".

Something like the Archer Class NCC-01 - Enterprise and NCC-02 being the Columbia.
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