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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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No, I'm pretty sure it's a "2". Prior to the Blu-Ray Disc I wasn't able to spot it: My pan & scan laserdiscs cropped off that area, and the resolution of my letterbox CLV LaserDisc wasn't that great either (no freeze frame button), and I forgot to check it out on my anamorphic DVD. All we now need is an optimal freeze frame screencap of that very, very short scene.
Yep there it is! I was previously relying on Trekcore's screencaps, which often fail to capture the very micro-second in question. However, now that I am home:

Happy to stand corrected on this - what you said now makes a lot more sense too!

So, is it Torpedo Bays 1-2 which exploded during Khan's attack in the nebula? It must be the ones facing forward and the attack left a nasty scar on the outside of that section. However, the damage is all gone by the time of Spock's funeral and that is definitely held in Bay 1-2. The torpedo comes out of the front launcher, so we must assume that Bay 1-2 face forward. Maybe the damage wasn't that bad after all, limited mostly to the portside Photorp launcher itself?

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