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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

CeJay and Gibraltar,

I see neither one of you are in the Commander Rhizzo fan club.

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Ariane

“Empress just attempted to override our prefix code,” the Nasgulian Ops officer said with a smug grin. “Bet they’re shocked.” On the viewer screen, aft sensors were showing the larger starship charging after them.

“Damn right,” Commander Rhizzo chuckled. “Captain Erasia wasn’t going to pull that one on us again.”

“Captain,” Lt. Commander Atwell spoke him. His voice was tight and his eyes burned like coals.

Rhizzo tensed, prepared for the rebuke. “What is it Commander?”

“You know I disagree with your actions,” he told her bluntly.

“File a formal complaint,” she shrugged. “I don’t have time for a tantrum.”

“You’re the one to talk,” Atwell retorted, exasperated and disgusted.

“I can have you removed from the bridge,” Rhizzo nodded in the direction of the eager Zileena.

“No,” Atwell shook his head. He placed a hand over his head and shook his head again. Removing the hand, he looked at her squarely, “I don’t like this. But this crew needs me; you need me right now, more than ever.”

“You’re right,” the Zakdorn acknowledged. “Thank you for this.”

Atwell’s expression was stony. “Damn you for it,” was his reply.
************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS K’mpec

“Didn’t we just do this dance several days ago?” Captain Tanaka said aloud. “Hail the Empress. We’ve got to get her to pull back.”

“Empress is not answering our hail,” the Virtili communications officer snappily replied. Tanaka nodded at the avian woman before turning his attention to Lt. Commander Mehita.

He leaned close to her and lowered his voice. “Recommendations?”

“Sir, I think you should pursue the Empress and talk sense into Captain Erasia. It’s too late to sit out this battle now. Even if the Chakuun somehow won it, there is no telling if they won’t turn their fusion casters onto us in the aftermath. One way to lessen that is to give them a helping hand.”

He nodded in agreement. Sitting back in his chair, Tanaka said more loudly, “Helm, lay in an intercept course for the Empress.”
************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Baltimore

Commander Erean didn’t hide her frustration. “What are your orders Captain?” Thelius didn’t answer immediately.

Instead he pondered the battlefield with the Chakuun lobbing their fusion discharges at the eerily complacent Kothlis’Ka. Explosions illuminated the void. The din was so fierce Thelius couldn’t make out how it was faring for either side. His antennae writhed as his attention switched to the incipient battle brewing between the Empress and the Ariane.

“Commander Rhizzo might be brilliant, but she is also impulsive, rash, and driven by grief,” he surmised. “It’s dampening her talent for strategy.”

“Should we join the Empress?” Erean asked. Clearly it was what the Argelian wanted to do. But Thelius’s antennae lowered in disapproval.

“I think Rhizzo is right in this instance,” Thelius said. “We shouldn’t dither, not in front of both the Chakuun and the Kothlis’Ka. It is likely that the Kothlis’Ka could be persuaded to leave our sector of space, but at worst they’ll be the Romulans’ problem. But now that the Tholians have thrown the Chakuun into the fray, any reports back of our inaction could have serious repercussions with the Tholians. It might embolden them to start another series of expansionist campaigns.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Erean admitted.

“That’s why I’m the captain,” Thelius quipped. Turning slightly away from her, he barked, “Helm, best speed into the middle of the firefight.”
************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Shuttlesworth

Captain Ottah threw up his three hands. He didn’t know what to do. Empress and Ariane were heading toward a confrontation, with K’mpec in hot pursuit. The Edoan didn’t know which side Captain Tanaka would choose. It appeared that Baltimore had abandoned them all to join in with the Chakuun.

“What do we do sir?” Lt. Commander M’Reah asked.

“I wish I was the one asking that question,” Ottah honestly replied, “Instead of having to make the decision.” His head swiveled to take in the debacle. His flesh recoiled at the idea of helping the Chakuun, but he realized that they might be the best chance the intercept group had at surviving the Kothlis’Ka armada.

However he recognized it was suicidal not to join forces with the Chakuun together; united. He had to talk sense into his colleagues.

Ottah directed the Suliban male at the helm to intercept the Empress. “Let’s tackle the small imbroglio before we have to deal with the bigger one,” he said with forced cheer.
************************************************** ****************
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