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Re: Information age to "Hybrid Age"

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Really, Pavonis?
Are you actually telling me you couldn't figure out that those questions contained the obvious premise of "'All else being equal', when you have a choice between a bigger wage or a lower wage, which do you choose?", etc?
What's the point of the bigger wage if the cost of living is larger, too? Besides, which is more important - the bigger wage or the more enjoyable job? Why didn't you answer that one?

PS - On the off chance you actually couldn't see such premises - I, frankly, have no interest in discussing with people who are not even able to do that. This is because, in such circumstances, in order to be understood, each of my posts must have the length of a large sized article (and they are most likely not read). And I have neither the time, nor the patience to converse in this manner.
You're not interested in conversing with people who can't read your mind? Who do you talk to, then?
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