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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Season 8 seems to be missing an overall STORY or something. Seems really aimless; i just wander around and find little mini-challenge missions, but not overly sure what I'm supposed to be doing or why. I guess it's supposed to be unlocked through the rep system, but what drives you getting the commendations instead of the marks? loading up on marks, but can't seem to gain ground on commendations.

Either way, feels like there's an overall wrapper/guidance missing on this mission. It fell kinda flat with me. And due to the size, it's a giant PITA to get around anywhere and do the space or ground missions. Visually very interesting, but not much to hold attention. And yeah, the 'observers' running in and grabbing rewards without helping is a definite problem. In the ground part, i find myself clearing most of a section of the city completely alone, and only occasionally run into another person helping.

Without more engaging storyline, this will be as dead as Defera once people start to get the reputation ground through. Pretty, but pointless. And the missions were just a couple tutorials, was hoping for more storyline content like the FE started us out on. Instead just a tutorial and mini-games...
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