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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Ok, I need to vent for a moment.

I have been spending time in the Battleground, accumulating enough marks to buy the commendations I need to get to max rep.

I am seeing people run into the various areas and not join the fight. They stay on the finges and seem to wait for the battle to end to get the marks and dilithium. They also jump in and grab the command points, even though they didn't contribute.

It really annoyed me when i was trying to take a section of the city by myself. I tend to jump in and wait for others to come and help out. I can usually hold my own for most of a fight, until you get past 2/3.

Two people came into the area and stayed on the edges. But since they were there, that ramped up the difficulty and more mobs showed up. I got my ass handed to me. When I went down, they left instead of jumping in.

There has to be a way of making these people play or get out.
Yeah, kite the mobs over to them and then stealth out of there.
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