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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

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Gillian, there was no use for her character after Gyp shot her up. This was a coda that just took time away from far more interesting characters.

This. The character could have just as easily disappeared this season due to what happened last season, but they chose to bring her back, yet again and much to my dismay. All of what they showed with the custody battle was already implied last season, so it would still have made sense if they just had Tommy already be in custody of Richard. So in bringing her back, they had to find a way to make her fall and hard. This season felt like two steps back for her, being more like the character she was in season 2 and negating everything that had happened to her in season 3. She was the character that wouldn't die and it was getting ridiculous.

Personally, I'm fine with how they did things. She was manipulative. They had to use that against her and make her feel confident. Yes, they could have killed her last season and have her go out with a bang, but they didn't use that chance and we had to have this. Personally, the realization that she was no longer in control after having manipulated so many people was appropriate.
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