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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 83: Holosuite Fantasies

Kira: Hmmm... interesting puzzle... I wonder how to solve it...?
Dax: Look at the patterns... and her feet...
Julian: Guys, seriously, do you not recognise this?! It's just hopscotch! I know you're not all human but, Commander, you should know!

Lwaxana: What? Oh, yes, these two. I just, umm... picked them up on the way here.
Julian: I am here against my will. She's got a phaser in her dress.
Lwaxana: Ha oh, you with you're jokes. Yes we will have to be going now.
Odo and Julian together: (mouthing) Help. Me.

Well that just proves it.
Bow ties are cool.

Sisko: If you have come with your spiritual problems, turn the Hell around and leave while you still can. Now. Is. Not. The. Time.

Rene: OK, here's the next story they want us to have a holosuite of.
Armin: Really? 50 Shades of Grey?
Siddig: Who comes up with this stuff?!
Visitor: Come on, this is just turning into fanfiction now!
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