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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

I picked up the new mini-series installment of Dark Horses The Occultist cause the character is being woven into their shared superhero universe. Went back and got TPB of the first mini and I find the character to be fun.

It feels as if it has elements of "what if power of a Dr.Strange was handed down like being The Chosen in BuffyTVS". Mixed with the late teen/early 20 angst of Peter Parker.

I'm also still enjoying Captain Midnight and X from Dark Horse. Read the Skyman preview pages in X and will likely sample at least issue #1.

Looking forward to Dynamites relaunch of the Gold Key properties next year. First up Turok by Greg Pak. Also the reintroduction of Dr.Spektor should be ripe for latitude as he hasn't appeared in decades. Mark Waid likely won't disappoint there.

I'd bring my VALIANT thread up to talk about UNITY #1 which came out last week and was awesome. Does anyone reading comics here sample them beside me?
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