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Re: Is Watson the most advanced super computer in existence?

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Thanks. So in short we do have the level of 'AI,' [for lack of a better term] that can self-direct and as described in the docu-fiction Alien Planet like a 4 year old must be told what's harmful and what's not but can to some degree 'learn that,' through trial and error?
I think you missed a "not" in there, or else you have completely misunderstood. We do not have anything remotely like the probes in Alien Planet. There's a reason the story was set in the 22nd or 23rd centuries - it's science fiction.

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In other words, if programmers programmed Watson with a secret that they instructed it to keep secret at any an all costs would Watson make similar errors as HAL does in 2001 without being classified as sentient?
That's a weird question. Looking to commit homicide with a computer?
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