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Re: Misc Av Contest: It's Seasonal!

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Heh, funny thing is, I saw the blue and I knew it was IKEA even before you said it was
Blue is a somewhat crowded part of the corporate logo spectrum. But somehow we seem to recognize the nuance whenever we see one. I find that quite remarkable - and more than just a little scary!
There's none around me, but there's a new one in our nation's capital, even bigger than the original one that was there (about 4 times the size or so they claim, and multi-storied), which is hard to believe as I've always found them to be bigger than average stores to begin with. This new one is a colossus in comparison.
Three or four years ago, when they build that Ikea here in town (tiny town in a tiny country) they said it was the biggest in northern Europe... It is ridiculously big; enough so for entire armies to march in and never bee seen again. Apart from the parking below I think it's only two stories though.

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