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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Having lots of fun the the new expansion, love both the mechs and the gene mods. Shivs are still pretty useless though. I'd hoped with the new focus on cybernetics they'd find a better way to implement them.

Like say a much trooper without the full battle suit can be paired up with a Shiv netting two soldiers for the price of one. The downside being that if the lightly armoured mechtrooper goes down, so does the Shiv.

I also like the addition of the new council missions that follow a narrative. It adds a nice bit of variety and combined with all the new maps makes the game far more re-playable.

The difficulty curve for the exalt missions felt a bit steep, but that's probably because on the first mission I didn't get that disrupting the beacons means they get fewer reinforcements. Lost three guys on that mission and the other two were nearly dead by the end!

Speaking of the covert missions, did anyone else train up a soldier exclusively to be the covert operative, or just pick whoever? I picked a sniper and gave her the cloaking gene mod and the super-jump. The combination of those plus the gunslinger talentand treating low cover as full means she can dash around the map totally unseen, or even just sit in the capture zone blocking the hack.
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