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ENT Fight or Flight / Weapons / Nachos Avatar Contest

Previously in the Star Trek: Enterprise avatar contest...

JiNX-01 wrote: View Post

OK, game over!


od0_ital captured first place

Orac came in second


Alienesse takes first

od0_ital came in second


Orac capturs first place

Alienesse takes second

Congratulations od0_ital, you get the headache of running the next contest!
Orac wrote: View Post
... New random theme: Nachos
Alienesse wrote: View Post
... Now for an ENT theme. How about weapons? Both handheld and ship-mounted, just so that we have enough variety.
Alright, so, yeah...I go away for awhile and y'all decide to punish me by votin' for my episode entry more than my random entry, which was freakin' awesome!


This week's contest will focus on the second episode of the series, 'Fight or Flight', where Captain Archer bravely gives the direct coordinates, security codes, secret handshake instructions and his social security number to a derelict freighter. And Hoshi bonds with a slug. And a ship that may or may not have been the Breen attack the NX-01.

The theme will be weapons, handheld or ship based, of Star Trek: Enterprise. Let's see some variety, folks!

And the random theme will be nachos! Fuck, yeah, nachos!

Usual avatar contest rules apply - 150x150 and 140KB or less if animated.

Entries will be accepted from now 'til Thursday-ish, I suppose...

Good luck!

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