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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

Ugh, I did not like the Gillian twist. I had a pretty go idea where it was going but it seemed a little too far fetched. It makes it slightly more bearable that old man Soprano was in on it, but still. It didn't help the way the two other agents just emerged from the other bedrooms and they way they pushed her around in a triangle like some musical. I actually liked her storyline this season and I don't think it payed off well.

Not sure what they're doing with Chalky. For me it really hurts his character that he just dumped his family like that. I could see him being overcome with lust for her and banging her a few times, but to just up and leave with no regard to his family was pretty shocking. This episode Daughter finally mentions them and he basically brushes it off.

Truthfully the whole revelation that dr. Narcisse was the one that killed Daughters mom I thought was lame. It didn't help that she almost immediately betrayed him for Chalky.

I hope this finale is amazing since they basically left out a bulk of the story lines I really liked this season so far.
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