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Re: Information age to "Hybrid Age"

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Sorry, but having a smartphone in your pocket is absolutely nowhere near being a cyborg.
Exactly. Humans—in general—have a limit to how quickly they'll adapt to new things. Sometimes resisting too much change is a survival mechanism. Call that your "singularity" if you want.

The spectrum of human responses is also an overall advantage. Sometimes those who resist get "left behind," while others who gleefully jump on every "1.0" without hesitation crash headfirst into a brick wall.

As for our ability to "predict" the future more accurately than ever—that whole notion is a paradox. Machines analyzing vast amounts of data are not predicting anything, except the statistical likelihood that what has happened before will happen again. Thus, I would imagine the fastest way to bring in the "future" would be to geographically separate chunks of humanity—say by colonizing other worlds. That's where your cyborgs and other radical "mutations" will be most beneficial.

(Think mutation vs drift in genetics.)
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