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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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* Bolding mine

So you're not up to eithe "The Doctor's Wife" or "Journey to the Center Of the Tardis yet" or even "The Name Of The Doctor"?
I'm still watching the Tennant stories, and I believe you're referring to Matt Smith stories that I haven't yet seen (or at least not in their proper context - I did see a few in one of the holiday marathons a couple of years ago).
I hope you are enjoying them. Matt Smith was my favorite, though I'm ready for newness. Who is your current companion? Rose's mother is my favorite character ever.
I've just finished watching the Agatha Christie one (the Companion is Donna), and it's driving me nuts trying to place the actress who played her. I recognize one of the others from the old "Good Neighbors" sitcom.

I am definitely enjoying the David Tennant stories a lot more than the Eccleston ones.

Nobody will ever replace Tom Baker, though.
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