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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Interior decorating. Plus, the TARDIS can reconfigure itself, and there have been instances of parts of it being jettisoned (ie. Romana's bedroom in Logopolis and the Zero Room in Castrovalva). None of that means the different TARDIS interiors take place in different timelines.

The modern Doctor Who is enhanced by knowledge of the Classic Doctor Who stories. For example, the episode where the Doctor meets Sarah Jane in the school, and she tells him he really didn't leave her in Croyden. To really appreciate that, it helps to have seen the episode The Hand of Fear in which the Doctor gets summoned back to Gallifrey and can't take her with him. He promises to take her home, but misses the coordinates.

Recommendation to the people who have seen the new Doctor Who trailer: Watch the Tom Baker-era story Brain of Morbius before you see the upcoming 50th anniversary show. It looks like a marvelous bit of continuity there.
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So you're not up to eithe "The Doctor's Wife" or "Journey to the Center Of the Tardis yet" or even "The Name Of The Doctor"?
I'm still watching the Tennant stories, and I believe you're referring to Matt Smith stories that I haven't yet seen (or at least not in their proper context - I did see a few in one of the holiday marathons a couple of years ago).
I hope you are enjoying them. Matt Smith was my favorite, though I'm ready for newness. Who is your current companion? Rose's mother is my favorite character ever.

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