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Re: Budget cut/location change for Trek 3

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^Those budgets aren't corrected for inflation, are they?
Adjusted for inflation, STXI still made more money than TMP.
That's completely unrelated to the point here. The intent of the post seemed to be to assess the relationship, if any, between a film's budget and its quality, or at least its popularity. In order to make that comparison effectively, we'd need to have the budgets corrected for inflation. If you want to compare variable X against variable Y, then you need to filter out all other variables -- in this case, the third variable of inflation -- so that you can focus exclusively on the relationship between those two.
Ok, I have corrected for inflation and unless I have done that wrong, the table becomes:

Profit Ratio / Name / Production Cost (inflation adjusted)
8.1 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan _________ $29,000,000
5.5 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home _________ $51,000,000
4.5 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ______ $41,000,000
4.0 Star Trek: The Motion Picture ___________ $113,000,000
3.6 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country __ $47,000,000
3.3 Star Trek: First Contact ________________ $69,000,000
3.2 Star Trek: Generations _________________ $60,000,000
2.8 Star Trek ___________________________ $153,000,000
2.5 Star Trek Into Darkness _______________ $190,000,000
2.3 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier __________ $56,000,000
1.7 Star Trek: Insurrection _________________ $100,000,000
1.1 Star Trek: Nemesis ____________________ $78,000,000

That leaves only two movies, which have the forth and fifth largest budgets anyway, running significantly against the idea that smaller budgets make for more profitable (ST) movies. There are of course going to be exceptions.

I don't think I am really talking about popularity based on these figures, but I thought this order is similar to many people's views on which they like most with the exceptions already noted in my previous post.

The only concern I have is that my inflation adjustment puts TMP above ST09 and below ST13 in terms of total box office take ($421m/$448m/$466m respectively). So if Dream is correct, something is up. But they might be including DVDs etc.

Anyway, profitability seems a fairer way to compare these movies to me. But then I would say that.
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