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Re: Least Favorite Flag Officer

TY. I totally forgot her name. Satie was absolutely loony, but was still entrusted with decision making. You are right. She's not incompetent, just nuts.

But, given what she tries to do while she is on board the Enterprise, she is by far my least favorite flag officer. I can sort of excuse Pressman and Marcus as they are trying to do what they think is best for the Federation, even if it is downright wrong. Her, not so much. At a minimum, busting Tarses' balls like she did was an overreaction. WWII military records show us that the bloodline does not define the person. We had plenty of military personnel with Japanese, Italian, and German parentage who served honorably and earned medals for their service. So why can't Starfleet have a half-Romulan in the service?
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