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Re: R.I.P Blockbuster

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A local developer is trying to revitalize the nearby Towne mall. It's still used by older folks who want to go jogging outside in the elements (Mall technically opens at 9 AM, but joggers can come in around 8), but most of the stores are gone. I would love to see it brought up to date, with lots of stores, and shoppers, because it was a great mall in its heyday. Back in the mid to late 1990s, everyone was at the mall. They had an arcade, a food court, tons of shops (including the best shop, WaldenBooks), and around Christmas the decorations were arranged all around the fountain, which was 2 stories high.

Now, 3/4 of the shops are gone, and what's left are places you could find at a flea market. The fountain is gone. It was removed about 7 years ago, and the place looks sadder for its removal. There are virtually no people there. Even in the evening, when it should be bustling, you'll find perhaps 10, maybe 20, people there. It's all but abandoned.

So I hope this new developer makes it all work.
Same thing happened here. There aren't any good malls around and the one we had ended up exactly the way that one ended up like. Fountain and all. They closed the fountain back in 2007 due the drought and it was never revived. The one anchor store left in that one is Macy's but according to some rumors not for long. A bit sad.

Would have to go the Northside of Atlanta for an actual mall experience.
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