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Re: What next for Section 31? [SPOILERS]

Avro Arrow wrote: View Post
^ What would a situation be where they would "need" it? It certainly wouldn't be considered a "measured" response even in the episode Kirk threatened to use it in. Even if you're trying to destroy, say, a random Shedai on the surface of a planet, glassing the *entire* surface would be extreme overkill. I'm really surprised Starfleet has such a general order in the first place.
I was thinking more of in case Starfleet encountered something like the Flood from Halo aka something you want to make damed sure is dead or else the galactic apocalypse will result when it figures out how to get off the planet.

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
Well it's not like Starfleet ships don't have the capability to do it if they so desired. I think the whole point of the amendment is to take the option off the table except for cases where it might call for the Federation Council to debate it.
And if its a situation where there is a ticking clock that not's really a good thing since legislative bodies aren't known for rapid decision making.
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