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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 83: Holosuite Fantasies


Re: Wadi game worth playing?

Initially the idea of a completely virtual world made possible by a sustained transporter buffer seemed like an excellent idea. Using human beings as game pieces (Controlled by a fifth player outside the game) leaves open a world of cool opportunities to create any imaginable sort of fantasy obstacle. Unfortunately this world of creative possibility is never utilized. One obstacle simply required us to follow a young child singing a silly rhyme, and most of the others were either obvious or consisted of arbitrarily knocking somebody off. Thus while the Wadi game could have easily been a perfect 10, I must give it a mere 3 and recommend NOT trying this game until they hire someone seriously redesign the scenarios.

NURSE CHAPEL: Excuse me, I don't know where I am, but I think I was sucked into a time rift. Who are you and why are you acting like we have some sort of deep personal friendship?

BASHIR: Garak, after this is over, I'll need your help procuring a new holodeck program.
GARAK: Ask Quark. This is gross.

DR NOAH: Hey, at least my plan to destroy the world is more logically sound than most government programs.

HERBERT ROSOFF: You saying I'm a Commie? I'll show you. Sixty years from now smarmy comedians will make fun of people like you, and they'll be considered cultural icons!
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