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And, putting on my editorial hat for a moment, world-building can be fun and useful, but remember that you're not obliged to make sure that everything in your notebooks gets squeezed into the actual book.As I mentioned earlier, it is good that you, the author, knows the entire history of your imaginary planet, going back six generations, but you don't have to share all of that with your reader--at least not the in the first book!
Yeah, I figure most of it's not going to be in the book. It's mostly just to keep things consistent. I just want to make sure that a brunette doesn't suddenly become a blond, or that my deaf character who only speaks through sign language doesn't suddenly start talking verbally, things like that. I don't always have the greatest memory, so I just want to make sure I have all of that I kind of stuff written down, so if I forget something I have a consistent record I can double check.
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