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Re: Major spoilers from upcoming Fall novels.

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Either Titan will become Riker's flagship (AGT style... maybe they'll even bolt a third nacelle onto her ), or I think the Titan's going to become another Aventine-style cameo ship.
You mean the Aventine's everywhere cameo? I am surprised that the ship hasn't shown up in TOS land.
For the record, the starship Aventine has appeared in the following novels:

- Destiny: Gods of Night (2381)
- Destiny: Mere Mortals (2381)
- Destiny: Lost Souls (2381)
- A Singular Destiny (2381)
- Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game (2382)
- Brinkmanship (2383)
- The Fall: Revelation and Dust (2385)
- The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses (2385)

In other words, the Aventine has only appeared in a handful of novels and we've only seen a very few of her missions.
And Destiny, while 3 books, is one story and Singular destiny can easily be fitted as the epilogue to that story, and the Fall is one big story really, so it's just like four different occasions. so not much at all.

There needs to be an Aventine series!
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