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Re: was NX01 ever referred to as 'The' Enterprise?

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The Hague - is that English? What do they call it in Dutch?
Den Haag, which means "The Hague" (or literally, "The Wood"). We only use the article in English because it's used in Dutch.

As for grammar being a matter of describing usage rather than prescribing usage, I agree. There have been too many people rigidly holding to the prescriptive model of grammar. Yet without holding to some rules of grammar, what's the point? People are going to abuse language so badly that communication could become rather difficult if they aren't corrected occasionally. The descriptive role of grammar is too limiting. What's the point of having grammar at all if we're just going to let people speak however they want and ignore any rules? That's chaos.
But what has that got to do with the topic of this thread? We've already established exhaustively that there is plenty of precedent for using ship names without a definite article. It's a common enough usage in real life that it's incorrect to argue that it's an error, or that the producers of Enterprise were just trying to annoy TOS fans, or something ridiculous like that. It's hardly advocating chaos to acknowledge that a well-established precedent exists. It's just doing the research and presenting the results, which is pretty darn orderly.
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