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Re: Star Trek: (Unnamed Project) - Crossroads

[SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT ] If you're enjoying this story and fancy some input into what the series and ship will be called, then please visit my poll on the topic:

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Main Engineering, Alien Ship
Position Alpha, Andromeda Galaxy

The engine room stretched for three decks, with the main entrance being on the middle level, connected to the ones above and below by a staircase, as well as numerous ladders and a small lift. The facility was circular, in the middle of which was the warp core—a spherical shaped piece of tech with four umbilical’s holding it in place, two fed it fuel and two directed the energy produced in the core out to the engines. Given the advanced design of the ship and the unusual technology onboard (the galactic jump device on the level below was just one of them), some might have found it weird that it utilised a matter/antimatter power core similar to what Starfleet employed on their own ships. For Zelle Ra-Vahneii it wasn’t that bizarre.

Of all the warp capable species in the Milky Way they had encountered, well over ninety percent utilised some form of M/ARA, so it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility that the builders of this ship, wherever it came from, used the technology. Once a species learned of the energy generating potential of a matter/antimatter reaction, the greatest challenge was how to harness and contain the massive amount of power it produced. For Starfleet that was in the form of a dilithium matrix secured within a magnetic containment field, for this species however the crystalline structure they used to focus the matter/antimatter annihilation also contained it within itself, without the need for any kind of protective field. Until they understood it better however, she had ordered a series of portable forcefield generators set up around the core.

Had it not been for the similarities to Starfleet tech then getting main power restored would’ve taken far longer than it had. They still had to get to grips with the finer points of the system, but they’d been able to understand it enough to get it working. The engineers onboard would just need to wait for the translation and computer experts onboard to get the UT fully integrated, before they could really play about with the core. Until then there was plenty of jobs to be doing.

She had teams ensuring the environmentals were stable, others going over the sensors, a couple on loan to Nhataq to go over the weapons array, structural engineer th’Vohrn was working with Ensign Banaszek (a metallurgy specialist from the science section) going over samples of the hull, she’d also just dispatched a diagnostics technician to sickbay to help them—after Nurse Kinsey had made a very practical and sound argument, coupled with a look that told Ra-Vahneii that ‘no’ wasn’t going to be an acceptable answer. Her people were in demand, but with only twenty-eight engineers onboard in total, then there was only so much they could do.

That applied as much to herself as her whole staff combined. She was bone tired. The last time she had felt this exhausted was in her senior year at the Academy when she had stayed up for five days straight, studying and finishing off three different projects all needed before finals. She knew that once she sat down she’d be out like a light, but she could barely stay on her feet for much longer, so she was forced to call it a night.

Leaving Lieutenant JG Indai in charge, with strict instructions to comm her if anything changed, she slumped off to find an empty bunk. Fortunately the ship had accommodation for over eight times her current complement, so finding an unoccupied bed near to the engine room was relatively easy. Despite how tired she was, her mind continued to race with what needed to be done. High up on her list was to rip Crewman Raine a new one. She’d requested the computer genius onto the alien ship, knowing that despite all his bragging and condescension, he was one of the best she’d met. She’d thought that would mean the system would be easy for him to crack, as he often complained about having nothing taxing to do on the Mandela, but with so much hinging on getting the computer on their side, there was only so much they could do with tricorders, guesswork and hope.

Stumbling into the bedroom, she smiled to herself at the guilty pleasure she’d get from chewing him out—even just a little. Flopping onto the bare mattress, she was surprised at just how comfy the bed was, though that could’ve been the exhaustion talking—even a bunk on a Klingon Bird-of-Prey would’ve felt like sleeping on a cloud. A few moments before sleep took hold, she tried and failed to kick off her boots, but soon she was out to the world, fully clothed on the bed.

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