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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Alliances had an excellent premise that on the one hand, could contribute to the overall goal of getting Voyager home, and on the other, would have made the material conditions of Voyager more acceptable. Instead, the canned inter-racial strife allowed Voyager to sever its connections, the reasons for its condition unexplained.
The reason was that Jeri Taylor, who was in charge at the time, didn't want to keep the Kazon around and wanted to get rid of all recurring aliens and for the ship to be more standalone.

Voyager also suffered from 50% of their production staff not wanting to do the show in the first place and never believing in the Premise.

Dialing back Voyager's damage, even a little, might have made for interesting stories in diplomacy as Janeway sought to fix the ship and bring the crew back together. Four or five episode could have fixed Voyager and made the series more credible.
Do that, and then the complaints will just be "Voyager should've been more damaged and this should've been the rest of the series!" and that 5 episodes was too short.

But the CGI tech existed enough to show damge during an episode didn't it? It's not unreasnable to think they could just have reused that CGI model for the following episode
They'd have to keep making more and more models to show the state of repair, which would've cost a ton of money.

And if they'd just switched from the damaged model back to the pristine one and said "We've been here for 6 months fixing it" then there'd just be complaints that we didn't see the repair process over 10 episodes.
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