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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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If Voyager's premise held, the ship would have been, at times, dead in space. No one's decisions or actions, including Janeway's, would have made a difference.
Yeah forbid we have stories about adapting under pressure, establishing relationships with new cultures to get the supplies or repairs they need. That would've been interesting.
Voyager DID do those kinds of stories, and to a greater degree than people think. The series might not have done said kinds of stories to the degree that people think they should have, but it did do said kinds of stories throughout its run.
Yes, it did, but in the most perfunctory manner possible. Often it was reduced to grumbling about the leola root cuisine. Other times, it was hijacked by other stories, which allowed significant entanglements to be cast aside. Alliances had an excellent premise that on the one hand, could contribute to the overall goal of getting Voyager home, and on the other, would have made the material conditions of Voyager more acceptable. Instead, the canned inter-racial strife allowed Voyager to sever its connections, the reasons for its condition unexplained. Upthread, Arwan claims that Voyager would not have survived the Year of Hell without the reset. That's true. However, that's only because of the writers' and producers' choices: making the strength of the combatants so asymmetrical and the stakes so high. Dialing back Voyager's damage, even a little, might have made for interesting stories in diplomacy as Janeway sought to fix the ship and bring the crew back together. Four or five episode could have fixed Voyager and made the series more credible.
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