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Greg Cox
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Re: Writing questions

Learning how to filter out misguided input while absorbing the good critiques is something that every writer needs to be learn. But you never want to get so defensive of your work that you stubbornly resist any feedback.

I'm always baffled by people who attend writers workshops, presumably because they want feedback on their work, but then react badly to criticism.

True story: Decades ago, I was in a workshop with another young newbie writer whom I initially dismissed because I decided she just didn't "get" my stuff. Then one day she made an observation that made me completely rethink what I'd been doing up till then:

"Hey, Greg. You ever notice how passive all your protagonists are? They never actually initiate the action, but just react to things that happen to them."

And you know what? She was absolutely right.

That was nearly thirty years ago, but I still remember that critique.

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