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Re: One last surprise?

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I'm also surprised no mods have intervened on Sparkys previous comments given the interventions they have made for less on other threads.

No need to try and belittle MikeS for thinking Hurt might've been a pre-Hartnell incarnation given that we knew nothing about the character when he first appeared.

Back off and take a chill pill or two...
Yea, without a lot of Spoilers, it very easily could've been that HurtDoctor could've been:

1. A PreHartnell Incarnation (Maybe he was a horrible Time Lord, and vowed to changed, and took on the Name of The Doctor to cement the deal, and then he backslid, and then made the bargain again when he became Hartnell. Hartnell was not a nice man when we met him. He took off with Barbara and Ian on board, without their consent, knowing full well he may never be able to return them to their own time, and he almost smashed a Caveman's head in with a rock)

2. We never actually saw the change from Troughton to Pertwee, it could've been that Troughton became so pissed off from having his Incarnation's life taken from him, that when he was force Regenerated into Hurt he became a vile Bastard. This would've been a very good feint on Moffat's part, because it was probably the least suspected of the 3 main possibilities, so, would've been a big surprise to most.

3. In between McGann and Eccelston as The Time War Doctor
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