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I never really got into Bravestarr, but I do seem to recall catching the tail end of a "Drugs are Bad" episode where a character actually OD'ed and died. Dark stuff!
Yeah, Bravestarr pushed the envelope farther than prior Filmation shows. It actually had three episodes in which characters died. There was the drug episode, there was one about a character who'd committed a murder (shown -- almost -- in flashback), and there was one where, IIRC, an old man died. Since it was so rare and shocking in kids' TV at the time, it was very powerful each time it happened. Although Filmation had done it before in previous years. Filmation's Star Trek had Spock's sehlat die in "Yesteryear," and "The Slaver Weapon" actually ended with the violent death of the villains in an explosion. The Secrets of Isis had an episode about a boy's dog dying, one that really made an impact on me as a kid. And there was an episode of, I think, The Young Sentinels (aka Space Sentinels) where an evil sorceress who'd been stealing youth had the process reversed and died of accelerated aging, which was a startlingly dark fate for a character in a Filmation show. Then there was the Flash Gordon TV movie and series -- there was a fair amount of death in the movie, which was made for prime time, and even the more toned-down Saturday morning version incorporated stock sequences from the film including footage of Hawkmen getting disintegrated in battle.
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