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Re: Who was your favorite hologram(s)/holographic series?

I loved Data's Holmes adventure, and Moriarty made a great character.
Janeway's gothic holonovel and Paris's Captain Proton adventures were both fun, the kind of stuff I'd want to do.
There's a lot of great fun holograms, I like most of them. Geordie with the hologram Leah got creepy though.
The one I hate is Tuvok's pon farr program. To me, that shouldn't have worked out so well, as I thought the resolution of pon farr involved a mind link too. Isn't that right? As it is, the resolution was cheap, easy and completely devoid of any drama. It wouldn't been so much more interesting if the pon farr issue had actually been explored, with Tuvok having to mate with someone on board. Given their close friendship I was hoping for Janeway to man up and take one for the team.
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