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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes

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Carol's underwear scene and Khan's shower scene were both pointless and should have been deleted.
From what I saw of Khan's scene though, there is some emotion in the scene. Khan is really freaky menacing there, so I think it had some value.
As opposed to Kirk perving on Carol while the camera invites the audience to do the same. That scene needed a serious rewrite at least. We'd already gotten a gratuitious threesome with Kirk and cat women twins, that didn't serve any purpose either.
Meanwhile, the supporting cast didn't have enough to do, Chapel was mentioned again but not shown, and we've still never seen a real gay person on screen, something JJ said he wanted to do in the second movie. All presumably due to a lack to time. But there's also time for Kirk to have threesomes with female twins and check out chicks in their underwear.
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