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Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes

I know this issue has already been addressed but I wanted to ask if there are any news. Everybody knows the mess that Paramount / Bad Robot did with the Into Darkness bonus materials.

Now the retailer exclusive contents have surfaced on YouTube (BestBuy, Target and on Daily Motion (BestBuy, but to me the most interesting extra contents have always been the deleted/alternate scenes.

We know that there are 10 of these in the XBox edition within the SmartGalss Experience, and they are:

Deleted Scene: Captain's Log (0:44)
Alternate Scene: Original Ending of Pike's Office (1:51)
Deleted Scene: Thomas Calls Marcus (0:46)
Deleted Scene: Kirk Watches Pike Get Shot (0:48)
Extended Scene: Klingon Conversation (1:18)
Deleted Scene: Kronos Fight Before Khan Arrives (0:42)
Unused Footage from Dailies: Khan Walking Back and Forth in Brig (0:19)
Deleted Scene: Carol's Accent Explained
Deleted Scene: Scotty Talking to Hangar control (0:47)
Deleted VFX Scene: Vengeance Falling to Earth (0:19)

So, does anyone have them? Does anyone know where to get them?
(well, aside from buying an Xbox, an iPad, and the movie itself which I couldn't do even if I wanted to since itís only for US territory).

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