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Re: One last surprise?

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Friendly forum this.

Jesus wept, get out the shot gun. I mistakenly added an extra "E" at the end of an actors name that hasn't appeared on the show since 2005 (yes, I'm probably wrong with that date too but I just can't be arsed to look it up).

Mods. Lock/Delete/do whatever to this thread. I'll stay clear from now on.
Ah, the over reaction of the willfully ignorant.

First things first. There is no Jesus, just a myth. Second, I don't own a shotgun, even if i did I wouldn't think of using it on you.(or anyone for that matter)

The actor hasn't appeared since 2005? So what? He is a well known critically acclaimed actor, a 5 second search on google or imdb will reveal his name. Now I admit, in both of my posts it is late, I can't sleep and i'm grumpy. Ecclestone is like there their and they're, it drives me nuts that such a basic thing is so misused.

Your attitude of "I just can't be arsed to look it up" Is the problem. I don't expect you to remember the name of extra number 3 from episode 14 season 2. But the name of the main actor who played the Doctor? Yeah, I expect that to be correct if i'm to take you seriously. When you show that you can't even be attentive enough to know the name of the actor, how is anyone supposed to take you seriously?

It's a simple thing, get the name right, and don't be proud that you are too lazy to do so.
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