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Re: Sidekicks and Minions

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I never liked Thirty-Thirty that much. I grew up with Filmation cartoons in the height of their wholesomeness, with peace-loving, essentially nonviolent heroes, and I liked it. While Bravestarr himself fit that mold, the gun-happy Thirty-Thirty felt like an intruder from the more violent media climate of '80s TV in general. Granted, the previous few years of Filmation shows had featured heroes who used weapons -- the Lone Ranger with his six-guns and Zorro, Blackstar, He-Man, and She-Ra with their various kinds of sword -- but they weren't as fond of using their weapons, didn't glorify them or give them names. And of course none of them, Thirty-Thirty included, were allowed by the censors to actually use their weapons on living beings, but he was the only one who ever seemed like he wanted to.
I do agree that Thirty Thirty was an aggressive character especially for a cartoon show. But you did get a feeling that he could take care of the bad guys with or without Bravestarr. He was one tough horse.
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