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Re: I don't think Voyager gets the right credit

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Agree R.Star.. not that I have anything against NuSpock and Uhura but can you see them together in the V era? I don't think they'd have much in common and how much fun kicking back with Spock would the older Uhura have? Just about, practically nothing.. hey at least Scotty would go all soppy hearted when she sang Beyond Antares and throw an arm around her, I can't see Spock doing that and I can see older Uhura wanting a more affectionate and friendly relationship. She's direct, she's warm, she's sexy, she's humorous.. really not what comes to mind for Spock.

I'm sure it is very exciting dating outside of your species when you're a 20 something cadet.

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Klingons are icky. I'm sure there would be plenty who would go for a Klingon but not me. All that posturing and yelling, and of course the actual injuries.

Vulcans, too much hard work.

Andorians, too adversarial.

Bolians, this seems good but there's the bowel rumours.

OMG I would just be a total weak ass at inter-species dating and end up with some round shouldered Bajoran!
In the Voyager forum of all places, why limit yourself to A/B quadrant species? Instead of only getting it once every 7 years from a Vulcan, you could get a brand new Ocampa to break in every 7 years. Or hook up with a Ramuran. You're guaranteed not to have a broken heart after, and that's a big plus.
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