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Re: What next for Section 31? [SPOILERS]

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As Bashir said to Sloan in episode “Inter Arma…”: “This war isn't over and you're already planning for the next!”.
I'm not sure that you're accurately reading Bashir's statement. For starters, he wasn't giving Sloan and Section 31 a compliment.
I was quoting Bashir to highlight the tactical and forward thinking practices of S31. You may not agree with that statement but Admiral Ross did when SI and S31 got rid of Senator Cretak (even when she was an ally of the Federation) just because she could eventually turn against them. (DS9 Inter Arma...)

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And what if the Dominion retaliated? They were already decimating Starfleet and civil populations in both the Gamma and Alfa Quadrants!.
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Starfleet, yes, but not the civilian populations.
If you haven’t seen DS9 episode “The Quickening” you may read about it in
It takes place in DS9 season 4 and it’s about a civil population in the Gamma Quadrant slowly dying because The Dominion infected them with a plague after they defied them.

To end my participation on this thread let my recap. You called S31 “reckless” and think because of its radical actions and unaccountability it is set for a hard fall.

My thoughts based on ST canon and real life facts is that being without conscience or being unaccountable
unfortunately does not necessarily means you are heading for a doom. If nowadays cases of corporate accountability are complex, try it on an organization that is not even registered.

You presented the case on how incompetent Section 31 is pictured on the books. I only read The Abbys but on it, they manipulated Locken and then they sent Bashir to stop him because he “was nuts and a danger for the Federation”. At the end, everybody helped Section 31 thinking they were serving their own agendas, S31 outsourced the services they needed, took minimum losses and left no evidence of their involvement.

If that's incompetence, our CEO would probably fired half the company in exchange for a couple of S31 operatives...

And as I stated before, according to canon Section 31 has been around for 200+years and the Federation is still standing. So, either they must have been doing something right or they have biggest streak of sheer dumb luck in non written history!
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