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Re: Sidekicks and Minions

I never liked Thirty-Thirty that much. I grew up with Filmation cartoons in the height of their wholesomeness, with peace-loving, essentially nonviolent heroes, and I liked it. While Bravestarr himself fit that mold, the gun-happy Thirty-Thirty felt like an intruder from the more violent media climate of '80s TV in general. Granted, the previous few years of Filmation shows had featured heroes who used weapons -- the Lone Ranger with his six-guns and Zorro, Blackstar, He-Man, and She-Ra with their various kinds of sword -- but they weren't as fond of using their weapons, didn't glorify them or give them names. And of course none of them, Thirty-Thirty included, were allowed by the censors to actually use their weapons on living beings, but he was the only one who ever seemed like he wanted to.

Hold on, though... big, irascible sidekick in a space Western, has a big gun that he cherishes and gives a female name to... holy cow, Thirty-Thirty is Jayne! Well, albeit not as dumb and more trustworthy.
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