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Re: What order should the TV series and movies be watched in?

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I've run across a quandary that I want people's opinions on. In the episode order that I posted earlier for Voyager, I put Day of Honor and Nemesis in Production Order, but after having watched both, I find myself wondering if I ought not to have once again tried to 'second-guess' the Voyager PTBs and left the two eps in their original Airing Order because putting them in Production Order means that you go from Seven 'officially' joining the crew in The Gift to Nemesis - where she doesn't appear - to Day of Honor, where we see her trying to reach out and participate in ship functions by asking for a duty assignment.

There's nothing inherently wrong with that and I think things flow well either way, but was wondering what others thought, so "Should Day of Honor and Nemesis be watched in the order they were aired, or in the order in which they were produced?"
With the exception of TNG's first two seasons, the producers intentionally released episodes in airdate orders so I think that's the preferred way to go. Otherwise you end up with crazy stuff like part 2 of a couple 2 parters coming first.

For TOS, they were just desperate to finish the post production of any episode they could so very little thought went into the order they were aired.
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