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Re: was NX01 ever referred to as 'The' Enterprise?

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I'm surprised how attached some people are to "the". Do you all refer to yourselves as "the [your name]"? No? Why not? Then why should Enterprise - a proper noun, like your name - be different?
Because people aren't ships?
So? Do you say you're going to "the Chicago", or visiting "the London"? Those aren't people either, but they're proper nouns. Is it that hard to grasp?
Vernacular with:
Oceans, seas, rivers, deserts, mountain ranges, cultural regions, large forests, nicknames

Lakes, creeks, springs, specific mountains, parks, most countries, states, cities


The Atlantic, The Pacific, etc
The Mediterranean, The Baltic, The Caspian
The Mississippi, The Amazon, The Nile
The Sahara, The Gobi
The Rockies, The Andes, The Himalayas
The South, The Mid-West, The Mid-East, The Rhineland
The Amazon (rainforest this time)
The Big Apple, The Windy City, The Outback

Those are still proper nouns, so yes it IS that hard.

"Going on a road trip from Chicago, driving through mid-west, and staying a night at Grand Canyon before backpacking in Mojave."

Can you honestly say that sentence is either proper or natural?
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