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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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than having the villain(s) slowly trying to laser blast people to death while superman held the villain in a position where he could easily move them but decides to kill them instead.

Do you really think Superman's only motive for killing Zod was to stop him from killing that family?

I don't think so. The killing of Zod needs to be seen in the context of all the destruction and death Zod had done up to that point.

The family was just the last straw. Zod's behavior made it clear (and he even told Superman that this was a fight to the death) that the only way he would be stopped in his plans for the destruction of earth and the reestablishing of Krypton was to kill him.
Thats even worse. If it was a split second decision made in desperation, it would still be stupid but more understandable. If he thought it through on his own and decided to kill him, he's as bad as Zod. If he can justify one murder, then he can justify being The Punisher with super powers if he wants. If he's not trying to be better than the people he fights, then there is no reason not to kill everyone he stops. He's also no longer a hero, he's a murderous vigilante. Its not like he can be arrested, the MoS universe doesn't have a way to stop him, especially now that there is no one to recreate the kryptonian atmosphere. So, he's free to kill whoever he wants.

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Byrne's Superman was awesome. Not sure where you get that "bad at being Superman" stuff.
Rumor mill and from friends who have also read Byrne's series. As you can guess, I am a huge Superman fan. Byrne's series is what I grew up with.
Same here, all my friends loved Byrne's version. He was way more relate-able than the ole "planet mover".

I really like John Byrne, but I've only read one issue of his superman run (it was from his Superman intro mini-series after COIE, the first appearance I think of his corporate Lex Luthor, the issue is in the Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told TPB from the 80s). If he wrote Superman killing someone just because he was fired, thats kind of a jerk thing to do. Regardless of the reasons he wrote that, its pretty lame. Byrne wrote a lot of great stuff (like Sensational She-Hulk and Alpha Flight), but like every writer he didn't always write great stuff.

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