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Re: Lost in Space coming to Blu-ray?

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The 1.78 stuff was interesting, it didn't look like they were cropping the image as there was more information on the sides.
No, it was definitely just zoomed in to crop off the top and bottom. In the first instance, look at the bins on the walls on the far left of the screen. In both the original and the modified footage, they're on the edge of the frame. And less of the overhead light fixture is visible. In the next example, there's clearly less of the top of the frame visible (the rivets around the door are closer to the top edge). There may be a bit more showing to the right of frame -- the background guard at the edge of frame is farther from the edge in the dishonestly labeled "full frame" version -- but that could just be due to a camera move at the point of the change.

This isn't an improvement. It's no better than old-style pan-and-scan, cropping off pieces of the image to fit an arbitrary frame. It's wrong. Something which was made in 1:33 should be shown in 1:33, period. There is no legitimate excuse for deleting portions of the original image.
I was focusing on the sides when I first watched it but you're right it is cropped though there does seem to be more horizontal information as well. But maybe that's due to the camera movement as you suggest.

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