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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I didn't read the comic pages. I said you could find comics with him killing, but they were the exception and I'd be surprised if they stayed in continuity (even though it was probably post COIE) for too long, or at the very least was probably not mentioned after that writer left. Even if it was still in continuity or mentioned, I can bet you he had a much better reason to kill whoever he killed in that comic than having the villain(s) slowly trying to laser blast people to death while superman held the villain in a position where he could easily move them but decides to kill them instead.
I didn't post the comic scans to insult or mock people's opinions. Only to inform. Zack Snyder and certain Superman fans have been saying Superman has killed Zod in the comics, therefore it's ok for him to have killed Zod in MOS. However the only comic Superman killed Zod in was Superman #22 in 1988. A comic that was released only once and has never been reprinted or added to a compilation volume. There is a sense of impropriety in stating something is ok because it was in a book, and yet the book is not for sale so people can read and judge for themselves.

The whole Superman killing thing is rumored to be the author John Byrne's middle finger to DC for firing him. Byrne wrote and penciled a most if not all of the Superman comic Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. They are collected in the reprinted volumes title "Man Of Steel" if you would like to read them. DC was alledgedly dissatisfied with Byrne's work. Coming off the Silver Age/ nearly infinitely powered Superman comics. Byrne strove to make his Superman as grounded as possible. What this resulted in is a Superman who fans claim, was BAD at being Superman. So DC fired him after 2 years on the comic. Superman #22 was his last Superman comic. Byrne's Man of Steel volumes 1-7 are available for sale, with volume 8 coming in January. No word if the controversial issue will be included.

The act of killing those 3 K's was referenced and used as the premise for the 1989 comic Superman Exile. It reintroduces Mongul and War World Post-COIE. Superman experiences nightmares from his actions in the parallel earth after Brainiac uses a mental attack on him. Superman Exile is in print and you can buy it. Also Man of Steel Vol 4 includes the first time Superman went to that parallel dimension. As well as what happened to that dimensions Superboy. Also the 2001 comic seires "Our World At War" sees the return of parallel universe Zod who was executed. His spirit possess a human and it gives him Superman-eske powers.

With the New 52, these stories are not apart of continuity anymore.

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Stuff like Injustice doesn't count. Thats purposefully trying to be a different kind of Superman, when you're trying to portray the normal superman, he doesn't kill. He also doesn't mope, become a nomad, blindly follow his fathers and angst, but thats a different conversation.

I only brought up Injustice as a way to mock DC for it's decisions. Superman has killed a total of 4x to my recollection. "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" by Alan Moore in 1986, Superman #22 by John Byrne in 1988, "The Death of Superman" by Dan Judgens and Brett Breeding in 1992, and most recently Injustice prequel comic. Only one of them is not in print and or for sale.
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