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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I didn't read the comic pages. I said you could find comics with him killing, but they were the exception and I'd be surprised if they stayed in continuity (even though it was probably post COIE) for too long, or at the very least was probably not mentioned after that writer left. Even if it was still in continuity or mentioned, I can bet you he had a much better reason to kill whoever he killed in that comic than having the villain(s) slowly trying to laser blast people to death while superman held the villain in a position where he could easily move them but decides to kill them instead.

Stuff like Injustice doesn't count. Thats purposefully trying to be a different kind of Superman, when you're trying to portray the normal superman, he doesn't kill. He also doesn't mope, become a nomad, blindly follow his fathers and angst, but thats a different conversation.
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