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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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When the older episodes/films do something off-the-wall? . . . When the Abrams films do it?
Yeah, like Makeshift says, a bad Abramstrek idea doesn't become automatically valid if you can find some almost-as-bad distant half-cousin to it in old Trek. I'm surprised at how often it's necessary to point that out on this forum.
The point is, and why this stuff gets pointed out, is cause certain people act like Abrams and Co. are going out of their way to piss on the franchise. What's getting missed is that the writing is actually pretty true to tone and style of TOS. I've said in the past: the new movies are "average" Trek films once you strip away the visuals. In terms of story and / or writing, there is nothing standout about the movies. These are strictly formula / paint by numbers, Trek stories. Yet, they're still fun and entertaining films.

Every "sin" the new movies have committed are no worse or no better than the same "sin" when it was done in past incarnations of the franchise.

The minute a complaint starts wit "Star Trek never did [insert complaint]". It's a safe bet that it did at some point in the last four decades. Which is my biggest beef with the new movies: It should have been a wholesale slaughter and reboot fo the franchise. They're actually to loyal to the franchise's past.

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But is it really a bad idea? Is the idea that with the application of some 23rd Century medical knowledge Khan's blood can be used to bring Kirk back from what should be a fatal exposure to radiation really a bad one?
Is it really any worse than Neelix and his holographic lungs?
Almost forgot about that nonsense. Right up there with replacing Vedek Bareil's brain with a positronic matrix.
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