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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

I've now caught up to the OP in my viewing.

I really liked the Nyrians. I thought it was neat that they weren't your typical villains, and don't think the episode wouldn't have been as effective if it had been more "To Serve Man" the way that director Allan Kroeker thought it should've been

Worst Case Scenario
The best thing about this episode is that it perfectly sums up Season 3 while also serving as a nice callback to Season 1, demonstrating just how far the show has come in two years, which is why it's kind of disappointing that we didn't see Kes in the present in her new long-haired look.

Scorpion, Parts 1 and 2
I've always been a big fan of both the Borg and Seven of Nine, but had never seen these particular episodes before, and have to say that for all the complaints Voyager gets as far as its usage of the Borg is concerned, this is for me one of the best Borg episodes in all of Star Trek, and might actually be better than TNG's The Best of Both Worlds, and Jeri Ryan is an excellent addition to the cast even though she doesn't appear until Part 2.

The Gift
The behind-the-scenes drama that surrounded Jennifer Lien's departure from the show neither interests nor concerns me. All I care about is the way the 'transition' from Voyager with Kes to Voyager without Kes is handled, and I really enjoyed the episode. Centering it on both the departing Kes and still-acclimating Seven really helped make the transition a smooth and fulfilling one.

I watched this episode in Production Order and think it works just as well as it would have in Original Airing Order, even though watching it in this order means that you go from Seven 'officially' joining the crew in The Gift to an episode in which she doesn't even appear.

As for the episode itself, I really liked the whole 'propaganda' aspect of the story, and it really reminded me in a lot of ways of the first two episodes of BSG Season 3.

Day of Honor
I really liked both the A and B stories in this episode, as they're centered on 3 of my favorite Voyager characters in Seven, Tom, and B'Elanna. "B'Elanna's Bad Day" was the perfect vehicle for exploring her character individually and evolving her burgeoning relationship with Tom, and dovetailing that story with Seven trying to integrate herself with the crew and the external complications that result.

I've got a soft spot for episodes that deal with Holograms or Holographic programs that either aren't what they seem or that go awry in some manner, and consequently really enjoyed this episode. The B story involving Harry and Seven was also enjoyable, although there are places where it feels like it would've worked better if it were to have been produced and/or aired after The Raven.

The Raven
I know there are some - including the PTBs on the show - who felt like this story came a little too soon, but I have to disagree. I think you needed to do this story this early in Seven's tenure on the show because of the way she came onto the ship. Juxtaposing Seven's "Pied Piper" experience with the story of the overbearing B'omar was also a brilliant decision and really helped enhance that already-strong story.

Scientific Method
The Memory Alpha article for this ep compares it to TNG's Schisms, but it reminded me more of the Enterprise episode Vox Sola and the Babylon 5 episode where Sheridan gets abducted and experimented on.

One of the things that I liked that sets this ep apart from those two episodes, though, is the way it explores Tom and B'Elanna's relationship. Their conversation at the end of the story where they kind of tongue-in-cheek question the validity of their relationship is the perfect summation of who their characters are.

I also liked getting to see Janeway be a badass again because that's always fun.
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