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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

teacake wrote:
It's that it stops being a bad idea that Abrams uniquely foisted on the franchise . . .
Can't say as I much care whether this or that specific trope was "unique" to Abrams or not. It's how they're combined that makes nuTrek so truly... singular. So very much itself. As it were.

MakeshiftPython wrote: View Post
At one point Spock goes blind, but oh wait he has a second set of inner eyelids, so he's okay!
Even as a kid I remember thinking that was a little over-convenient...

Like the Neelix episode when he gets revived by nanoprobes. Totally silly, but it actually delves deeper into how Neelix perceives the afterlife . . .
Which is what makes it truly unforgivable. Forty minutes of Neelix "character development"... *shudder* Those forty minutes were dark times indeed.
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